NUMML 2010

(Dec. 11, 2010)
NIPS 2010 Workshop, to be held in Whistler, Canada.


Time Speaker Title Slides Video
7:30-7:45 Organizers Opening remarks
07:45--09:00 Alan Willsky
A Personal Journey: From Signals and Systems to Graphical Models [Slides] Video
09:00--09:30 COFFEE BREAK
9:30-10:00 Stefan Harmeling Efficient space-variant blind deconvolution [Slides] Video
10:00-10:30 Constantine Caramanis Robust PCA and Collaborative Filtering: Rejecting Outliers, Identifying Manipulators [Slides] Video
10:30--15:30 Long Break; Poster Session Begins
15:30--16:20 Dan Kushnir Algebraic Multigrid Methods with Applications to Data Analysis Slides Video
16:20--17:00 Richard Szeliski Hierarchical Preconditioners for Computer Vision Problems Slides Video
17:00--17:30 COFFEE BREAK
17:30--18:30 Michael Mahoney Linear Algebra and Machine Learning of Large Informatics Graphs Slides Video